Blurry Monitor connected via HDMI


I have a Plugable USB 3.0 and a 27 inch Dell monitor connected to my laptop via HDMI. Resolution 2048x1152 and the screen is blurry. help please


Hi David,

I see you reached out to us directly via our email support system. I am composing a response presently and I will continue to work with you directly. I will post any general interest updates to this post if applicable for the benefit of anyone else following this thread.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies


Thanks Bob,
I didn’t know the best way to contact you guys so I tried both. I look forward to your reply.


I still cannot get my monitor to work properly, I ended up connecting it directly to my laptop whihc defeats the whole purpose. Any help troubleshooting would be great. Does Plugable support all size monitors


Hi David,

We sent you an emails directly on 2/26 (which you responded to) and 2/27 with the next steps to proceed with the troubleshooting process. On the off chance you did not receive the email from 2/27 I have pasted it below:

"Hi David,

Thanks for getting back and doing the testing. I am sorry the screen is still blurry.

The next step would be to get more details about your setup. We have developed a utility called PlugDebug which gathers some information about your system. It is available from this link:

At your convenience if you would follow the instructions on that page for your Windows and respond to me with the .ZIP file that the application creates?

Once I have the file we can determine the next steps and go from there.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies"

If you have a time please reply to our original direct email with the PlugDebug file and we can go from there.

Thank you,