Blurred Vision

When I move a word document from screen to screen, or around on the same screen, the wording remains blurred for a few seconds before it refreshes and returnes to normal… What is causing this issue?

Hi David,

Thanks for posting. That sounds like the “Optimize for Video” option of the DisplayLink drivers may be turned on.

This option sounds tempting, but what it does is switch rendering to an interlaced mode which helps with full-screen video playback but hurts for everything else - and causes the behavior similar to what you’re seeing. So we always recommend leaving the option at its default “off”. (by the way, we sometimes see it get stuck on).

Can you check the menu of the DisplayLink tray applet, and see if this option might have inadvertently gotten turned on?


Let us know - we’ll figure out next steps. Thank you!

I appreciate the help Bernie…