Bluetooth Audio Aux

Why doesnt the Plugable Wall Bluetooth Audio Aux unit doesnt auto connect with device? Most of my other Bluetooth devices connected with my Nexus 6p but this one Plugable unit doesnt auto connect.

Hello Jason,

Do you have any other Bluetooth audio devices that you use with the Nexus 6p?

Is the BT-ARC1A staying plugged in between uses, or are you unplugging it and transporting it regularly?

Yes, I have other work devices
I have the unit plugged into my vichele and it does lose power when the ignition is off.

Hello Jason,

I apologize for the delay in getting a reply to you.

After testing the behavior of the BT-ARC1A, the ARC1A should reconnect to a paired audio source (such as the Nexus) automatically as long as the power remains active and the duration of disconnect isn’t very long.

If the ARC1A loses power, or if you are out of range for a long period of time, then it may be necessary to manually trigger a Bluetooth connection again from your phone.

If you stay in range of the ARC1A and restart your phone, does the Bluetooth connection establish again automatically?