Bluetooth adapters for keyboards/mice.

My Folding Keyboard makes for a decent setup while on the road, but when I’m chained at my desk, I’d prefer a full-sized keyboard that I can bang on with my enormous, clumsy hands (i.e.: an IBM Model M keyboard).

I’ve seen some Bluetooth adapters for keyboard or keyboard+mouse on the market, but so far, all have been cheaply built, flimsy, and have serious issues that make them unusable (the last one I tried was unable to feed enough power to any of my keyboards, except for the cheapest “five bucks a pop” USB unit).

I think PlugableTM is up to this challenge. Can you guys produce a high-quality Bluetooth adapter that will allow me to connect my IBM Model M keyboard(s) to my Android phone or my iPad? (USB/PS2 mouses too, since surely other people will want that feature as well).


I Miguel - I agree, we’ve done work in this area, and would love to get one to market! We don’t have a specific date yet, however.

Thanks again!
Bernie Thompson
Founder, Plugable Technologies