Blue Screen with Plugable UD3900 and Windows 10


Just recently I started getting a blue screen on Windows 10 with my Plugable UD3900

The error is:

Alternatively another message is:

The problem goes away if I unplug the monitor from the plugable device. The second I plug the monitor back in, the computer freezes and blue screen occurs again.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting. I’ve seen one other report of this type of behavior over the last few days - the Intel graphics driver (igdkmd64.sys) in the system is crashing.

From a bit of searching on the web, it seems like some users are hitting this crash even when USB graphics are not in use:…

My suspicion is that ultimately this behavior will be resolved with an Intel driver update, but I’d like to gather some additional info to see if there are other steps worth taking, as well as sending some of the relevant data to DisplayLink so they can investigate as well. (As you may be aware, DisplayLink makes the chips/drivers that power our docking stations and graphics adapters.)

When you have a moment, can you please run our log-gathering tool from the page below:

It will save a .ZIP file to your Desktop which can then be emailed over to (subject: Ticket # 116627 )for us to have a further look and see what the best approach will be.