Black and White Display

How come the software turned my whole display black and white. I can not get anything to show up in color, I have uninstalled the product and it still shows black and white display. It has changed my resolution as well. I am running Vista

Hi Pete,

Thanks for posting. We’ll be able to figure out what’s going wrong.

A few quick questions:

* What operating system are you running?
* What connection type are you using from dock to monitor? VGA (blue) or DVI (white)?

And a few quick things to try:

* Make sure all connections between dock and monitor are tight. Unplug and replug them
* If you have the laptop and dock screens mirroring each other, tell Windows to set them to extend (one big desktop spanning the two).

Thanks for doing those quick checks and letting us know the answers to those questions - they’ll let us figure out next steps to solve the problem.