Best Puggable for MS Surface Book 2?

I just bought a Surface Book 2 and am looking to get a dock that would support up to 2 additional monitors with the expectation that one would be 4K in the future, which of your products would you recommend in lieu of the Microsoft Surface Dock.


Thanks for asking! Currently we’re recommending either of these models:

If you have any questions about them please let me know!

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Thanks - this is what I was looking for, but I do have a couple follow-up questions,

What is the significance of DisplayPort ++.1.2 and will it take advantage of the additional graphics of the NVidia 1060 in the Surface Book 2?

The documentation specifies that HDMI is 30Hz, not 60Hz - what type of applications will suffer at the lower value.

I appreciate the time you are taking for these pre-sale questions.


DisplayPort++ 1.2 is the connector type (to use non DisplayPort monitors an adapter will be required, passive for 2K, active for 4K).

The DisplayPort++ ports as well as the DVI and “2K” HDMI port on the other dock model are all driven by USB graphics and will not take advantage of your NVIDIA GPU.

The “4K” HDMI port on both model docks is limited to 30Hz at 4K but will be driven directly from your NVIDIA GPU. At 2K resolutions it will be running at 60Hz.

4K @ 30Hz is a noticeable drop in performance for most users who aren’t using their systems for primarily static content. Some video playback (videos over 30Hz), gaming, rendering, etc can all feel slow.


Exactly what I was looking for

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