Bad wi-fi signal at workplace, need a boost.

I have just upgraded my Lenovo G505 lap top to Windows 10. I use it at work place (Automobile shop). I am on Wi-Fi now and would like to get some sort of usb to wall’s pc port so I don’t have to keep working with the lousy low Wi-Fi which is near the two customer waiting areas, really for them. I t is a dealership with at least 14 ports at wall for computer. I would like to plug into one of those to get on-line as we use a special program for our work between areas of jobs.

Hello John,

Thank you for your message.

if I am understanding your message correctly, you would like to establish a wired network connection to your laptop.

Typically wall connections for network access are 8P8C connectors with T568B wiring. From what I can see, the Lenovo G505 has an Ethernet port using an 8P8C connector on the left side of the laptop (Lenovo refers to it as the RJ-45 port). Using the built-in network interface would be the most ideal way to go.

I would like to gather more detailed information about the built-in hardware on the laptop.

Could you run our diagnostic program? It will gather detailed device information about the laptop’s hardware.

To do this, please go to this page and follow the instructions there, your support ticket number is #144329, please include it in the subject line of the e-mail with the log:


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