"asix_temp" on root of drive?

After installing the drivers for my Plugable USB Gigabit Ethernet adapter, there’s a folder, asix_temp, on the root of my hard drive (containing a kext). Can I delete this? If not, how do I move it somewhere else? Having an installer create a folder on the root of the drive is tacky, not to mention poor manners.

Hi Brady,

Thanks for posting! You should not delete the asix_temp directory on a Mac (which is created by the ASIX installer), because it’s used again by the ASIX uninstaller, to restore Apple’s own USB ethernet drivers (Apple’s drivers load on all ASIX USB network chips, but are tested to work only on Apple’s own adapters … resulting in the “self-assigned IP address” problems commonly seen on the Mac).

You can get more background on what’s happening and why in the ASIX installer manual, inside the driver package.

I’d agree on the tackiness, though! The root of the drive isn’t the best place for ASIX to store these … :slight_smile:


So as long as I return that folder to the root of the drive before I run the Asix uninstaller, all is well?

Yep, that’s right - no problem.

Thanks for your prompt reply, Bernie – last question. Are the drivers Asix replaces (the ones sitting in this folder) the drivers for the official Apple 10/100Mbps ethernet adapter? I don’t plan to ever use that adapter, so I think for now I’ll just move “asix_temp” somewhere else and move it back if I need to.

Can you file a ticket on your end to have this behavior changed? For most users I imagine it doesn’t pose a problem but any power user will tell you that it’s unacceptable behavior for an installer on OS X. Acceptable on Windows maybe… :slight_smile:

Yep - they’re the drivers for the Apple branded adapter. And we will bring this up with ASIX as a good thing to clean up. They’ve been actively working on the Mac drivers and have been fairly responsive with new driver updates (several per year).