App-windows not refreshing

My UGA-165 driven monitor (dual monitor setup) had been working fine for about 1 year. Now it’s not refreshing/painting some windows (background seems okay?). Any ideas? FYI: I switched out my the ViewSonic monitor that was having the problems to a Dell monitor and I’m having the same problems.

Hi Brian-

Thanks for posting with your question!

The only quick fix that came to mind reading your post was that disabling the “Optimize for Video” option in the DisplayLink manager might help. To do this, simply right click the DisplayLink “monitor” icon in Windows’ system tray, and make sure the option does NOT have a checkmark next to it. Enabling this setting is recommended ONLY when actively watching video on the USB display.

If that quick change doesn’t help, please reply with the output from the DisplayLink support tool, and the additional details here will help me recommend the next steps.

Instructions to use and download the tool are here:…

Please let me know if you’ve any other questions!

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies