Andersson LPD 2.0

Hi! Is this… the same product as an Plugable UD-3900? :slight_smile:

Hi Martin - Thanks for asking! No, not identical, although obviously sharing several components from the supply chain.

You mailed some more information to us that the Andersson LPD only works when connected to USB 2.0 port (doesn’t work when connected to USB 3.0).

We had some VIA + DisplayLink models that had a similar sounding problem up until about a year ago. An update to the VIA VL811 firmware on the unit (to version 983 or greater) solved the issue.

All Plugable units sold after December, 2012 have this fix already, which is why you don’t see reports with our units.

It may be that the Andersson has one of the older VIA firmware that might have this old problem. See here for more details:…

Hope something here might help, even though you don’t have a Plugable product!

Hi David! Your information was quite helpful. I downloaded the VIA USB3HubFWUpgrade tool and connected the docking station to a USB 3.0 port on another laptop with Windows 7 OS. The upgrade tool found the device, and i could see that the firmware was a 933 (can’t rember the excact number, but it was definitely out of date). I then hit the upgrade button, but immediately recieved an error message. Now the upgrade tool doesn’t recognize it anymore. Also, the docking station doesn’t work when connected to USB 2.0 anymore…
Any thoughts?

Gratitude for taking the time to help me :wink:

Hi Martin - The hazard here is that Andersson brand could have all kinds of differences that we can’t anticipate. The firmware getting bricked is unfortunately strong evidence of that. I know you came to us because Andersson couldn’t be tracked down, but you’ll want to contact the manufacturer and exchange for an updated model (assuming they have one). Sorry I don’t have better news!