out of the UGA-2K-A product! is saying that your USB 2.0 UGA Multi-Display Adapter (Model UGA-2K-A) using the Display Link chip with resolution up to 2048x1152 is NOT available. When will you be having more items to sell via I would like to purchase more for my company, but need these very soon else I will have to find an alternative item. Thanks.

Thanks for posting to ask! Yes, unfortunately sales got ahead of out and we’re out of stock.

Several thousand units are in transit, and our current expected ETA for to have them re-listed is Oct 17, 2011 (a week from Monday).

In the meantime, take a look at out UGA-165

The only difference between the products is the DisplayLink chip used, and the only difference between the DL-195 (in the UGA-2K-A) and the DL-165 (in the UGA-165) is maximum resolution. Performance is the same.

So if you’re good with 1920x1080 max resolution, you’ll have the same experience and save $5.

Hope that helps. Thanks so much for going out of your way for us!

Thank you very much; however, I will wait for the restocking as we don’t want to have several versions of the same or similar product running around the office. Makes inventory and interchangeability a bit more difficult. Your timely response and information is appreciated, and we will wait the week for the new inventory to hit Amazon.

Thank you, and its a great product. Fills a very solid need.