Alreayd have 2 but want a 3rd


I already have 2 monitors on my laptop docking station. Can i use the Display adapter to add the 3rd montior??


Yep, that’s a very common use for these USB graphics adapaters.

With your laptop alone or in combination with proprietary or universal (USB) docking stations, you can add a total of 6 (Windows) or 4 (Mac) USB-attached displays by adding one USB to VGA/DVI/HDMI adapter for each additional display. You just need to have enough available powered USB ports, which you likely do with your docking station, or you can get them by adding a powered USB hub.

And all those displays are plug and play - when you dock/undock they will come and go nicely with USB.


I understand. What i am asking is that i am using my docking station for 2 monitors the traditional way now. Hooked directlly into my docking station 1 on VGA and 1 on DVI. I bought one of the ADAPTERs and want to know if i can use just the one adapter i bought and add it to the monitors i am using already. I dont want to buy 3 if i can just add the 3rd monitor with 1 of the Adapters


Yep, you need just one USB adapter to combine with the two existing ports on your proprietary docking station.

There are some cases where multiple PCIe graphics cards and USB graphics cards can cause conflicts between drivers, but if it’s any kind of normal docking station, it’s not likely your configuration will run afoul of this.

Just so we know all the details: what docking station model are you using, and what operating system?



HP Dual Link DVI


While we can’t test here because we don’t have those HP products, looking at the specs for that docking station, no problems are apparent.

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While we never want a customer to buy a product and return it (it’s time consuming for the customer, and expensive for us), this is exactly the case where it’s helpful: our product looks like it’s the solution you’re looking for. And if there’s a problem we haven’t anticipated with this configuration, post here with it – if we can’t resolve it, Amazon will quickly process your return.

One note: the specs for the HP dual link dvi docking station say:
“USB ports 4 USB 2.0 ports (1 powered)”

The fact that only one USB port is powered may mean you need to connect some of the USB display adapters to a USB hub with its own AC power, if you decide to add several.

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Thanks for the help.
I will let you know