Adding 4 monitors to laptop

Looking at buying Plugable UGA-2K-A USB 2.0. wanting to power 4 monitors from my laptop. I know I will need 1 plugable/ monitor and will link with a usb hub then into laptop usb. My concern is, can my usb port handle the this amount of monitors or more important, will it stress my motherboard. My hp pavililion laptop has a i7 processor.

thanks for the help in advance

Hi Sergio,

Thanks for asking ahead, I’ll be happy to help. You can get to 4 external monitors on your HP Pavilion by using the built in VGA or HDMI for the first external display and USB graphics adapters for the remaining three.

It won’t stress the motherboard, however you’ll want to be sure that your hub supplies the full USB spec for power of 500 mA to the graphics adapters for them to function correctly. A good choice is our 7 Port Hub. It has a 3 amp power supply which can provide over 400 mA to all 7 ports simultaneously or a full 500 mA to three graphics and still have a bit left for lower power demande devices like a USB keyboard or mouse.

I hope this helps with your decision. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.


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