Activate USB sharing switch from Keyboard?

I’m a software tester who needs to frequently switch between using two computers with the same keyboard (I may switch back and forth once a minute at the most). I just purchased the pluggable usb 2.0 sharing switch and it has worked very well so far. My only frustration is having to reach over to press the tiny button to switch computers. Is it possible to create a hot key on the keyboard or mouse that would allow me to activate this switch. At this point my current solution is to hardwire a pedal switch to put under my desk and activate with my foot. Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions, or had done this themselves and has some tips. Thanks!

Hi John,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! We appreciate the feature request. At this time we don’t have any other method to activate switchover besides the physical button itself. Software triggers would raise the cost and require additional software and drivers to be installed. But we’ll take your feedback into consideration as we revisit the product design in the future.

Meanwhile the foot pedal switch is a novel idea! Some users have reported similar setups but hand activated, like gluing a coin or piece of cardboard to the push button for easier switching.

Plugable Technologies