7 port hub wants me to format my external hard drive.

However if I plug the drive into my computer direct instead, all my data is there fine.
Same for seagate and Toshiba external hard drives.
If there is a solution, fine, otherwise it goes back to Amazon in the morning.

Hi Douglas,

Thanks for posting – I don’t need to say it, but obviously don’t take that format option!

And we’ll figure out what’s going wrong. Most USB 3.0 problems can be resolved with updated firmware or drivers.

The quickest way to know is if you could run this tool:

and email the .zip file it generates to support@plugable.com.

Even though this is normally for our graphics products, this will tell us the details about your system’s USB 3.0 setup. Could you do that?

From that, we’ll figure out next steps. Thanks for your patience while we figure out what’s going on!



Thanks Douglas! Got it.

First thing we’d like to do is get the system upgraded to more recent Intel USB 3.0 host controller drivers. The version the system has is:
Name: Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller
Driver Provider: Intel(R) Corporation
Driver Version:
Driver Date: 2012/01/05

These Intel drivers earlier than May 2012 or so are known to have problems with certain USB devices and hubs.

Here is the latest driver from Intel:

Could you upgrade, and re-test with the problem drives?

If the problem still persists after that, could you let us know if simple USB devices (like USB keyboard or mouse) work as expected through the hub?

Thanks for letting us know – we’ll get this figured out. Thanks!

Disk operation is the same.
I don’t even get a blue light when I put a functional USB mouse in there.

Hi Douglas - Thanks for letting us know. I’m sorry, but it’s sounding like a bad unit. We’d like to get a replacement to you right away to rule this in or out.

I’ll email you directly to get your Amazon order #. With that, we’ll get the replacement going out right away today (along with a pre-paid return label, so you can return the 1st one of it proves to be a hardware issue).

Thanks for your patience while we get that replacement headed to you!


I’m having the same problem. External hard drive enclosure. Usb 3.0 connector. Works fine direct. Even works sometimes when in the hub. I thought all was well and came back 20 minute too about 100 (windows) dialogs asking me to format the drives.