7 port hub hiding devices from my imac.

7 port usb 2.0 hub. I recently bought this item for use on my imac. When using this item the mac does not recognise any devices apart from an external hard drive. itunes does not find my ipad, tried 2 usb thumb drives, neither worked.
Tried using the printer when plugged in to this and just got a warning saying it was offline.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for posting! Sorry you’re seeing a problem here. We’ll be able to get it figured out and get things going.

When devices don’t work on a hub, there are two classes of problems which might do it:

  1. A connection issue. The connection to the PC has a problem, or some/all ports on the hub defective. You can check this by removing all the devices from the hub, then take just a single device (e.g. one of your thumb drives, although something simple like a USB mouse would be better), and try it in each of the ports. If all ports fail, make sure to double-check the USB connection to the computer. If some ports fail and some work, double-check if the particular ports that fail are consistent - if they are, you may have a bad unit (just email your amazon order number to support@plugable.com and we’ll take care of you).

  2. A power issue. If the first few devices you plug in work, but devices after that fail, double-check by plugging the devices in different order (and different ports). If, with a different order, you still see the first few devices working, and later ones failing, what’s happening is the earlier devices are consuming all the power the hub is providing, leaving none for later devices. If only one or two devices is working, double-check that you have the AC power for the hub attached (a good way to double-check that is to unplug the USB cable to the PC. If AC power is attached to the hub, you should still see the hub’s power LED on).

Can you try to isolate which of these patterns better matches what you’re seeing?

From that, we’ll be able to figure out next steps.

Thanks again for posting! We’ll get you up and running.