4k HDMI Port Does Not Work

Just received and setup the Plugable Triple Display Docking Station. It seems to be exactly what I wanted except the 4K HDMI port doesn’t seem to work at all. Is there something I am missing or could it just be a bad port?

Running Windows 10 with a Yoga910 Laptop using the USB-C connector (charge, ethernet, mouse, keyboard, and 2K HDMI ports all work fine).


Hello Tony,

Unfortunately the Yoga 910 is not compatible (as mentioned on our Amazon listing). The reason this because the USB-C ports on the 910 are not fully compliant with the requirements of our dock.

One USB-C port on the 910 supports charging input as well as USB 2.0 data (this is likely where your dock is connected now) where the other USB-C port supports USB 3.0 data and USB-C alternate mode video (required for the 4K output on our dock) but it cannot charge from this port. Our dock needs a single port that can do all of these functions to be able to work correctly. Because of this, no matter how you connect the dock to your 910, it will be operating in a limited fashion.


Thanks, Josh, for clarifying. I understand. I will say that I am just using the 2k HDMI and the DVI port to give me the dual monitor setup that I wanted so all is not lost.

Appreciate your response.


No problem Tony, thanks for your understanding!

I’m glad that even in the limited state that the dock is working OK for your dual monitor setup. For now I’ll close this thread, but If you ever need anything else don’t hesitate to ask us at support@plugable.com

Best wishes!