3rd Monitor Stopped Working Today

I have a dell e6400 hooked up to a docking station which has dual dvi outs. I wanted to go to a 3 monitor set up so I purchased a UGA-2K-A. Everything was working perfect for about 3 weeks until I came into the office this morning. I docked my machine and only 2 monitors are working. One hooked up to the docking station and one hooked up to the UGA-2K-A. I’ve been trying different settings for my monitor under advanced configuration but I can not get my third monitor back up. For some reason since I installed I see 4 monitors, but has not given me issues before. When I try setting up the third monitor it messes everything up and I have to wait 15 seconds for it to revert. I also can’t change my resolution settings on that 3rd monitor. It is greyed out. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Rohul,

Thanks for posting your question here. Please send us your Amazon orderID to support@plugable.com and also the make and model of the docking station you’re using, we’ll be glad to help!