2 Win XP Pro CPUs need to transfer files

We have 2 Dells both with Win XP Pro installed that need files transferred from one cpu to the other. Which Plugable Technologies product can help accomplish this?

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for asking ahead! The Plugable USB Easy Transfer Cable is what you’re looking for: http://plugable.com/products/usb-easy…

Note that Microsoft’s built-in Easy Transfer software (that works with our cable and others) will only transfer accounts from XP to later versions of Windows. So a “normal” solution won’t work for your case.

But our cable comes bundled with a license for Bravura Easy Computer Sync (http://www.bravurasoftware.com/easy-c… normally $19.95 by itself). Bravura allows syncing of individual files between XP machines (or any other combo). The license we provide is good for any number of machines, in combination with our cable.

So you’ll just want to make sure that you’ve installed and are using Bravura Easy Computer Sync (not Windows Easy Transfer) on both machines, in combination with our cable to connect the machines.

If you think of it, it’d be great if you’d reply back here to let us know how it goes. And definitely do so if you hit any problems. We’re here to help.