2 additional monitors with my laptop

Currently I have a Lenovo X61 and I’m currently using the Extended Desktop option along with my docking station to utilize a separate monitor while also using my Lenovo monitor . With this product would I be able to add an additonal monitor?..thus 2 plugged in with the plugable adapters and 1(Lenovo) monitor that currently use…totaling 3 monitors…or I can’t use my Lenova monitor anymore?

Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting and asking ahead! The answer depends on which Lenovo dock you have – there’s a version out there which is Lenovo proprietary, whose drivers are incompatible with all other USB graphics solutions (including Lenovo’s own USB graphics adapter, which is DisplayLink based). It’s this Lenovo dock: http://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-Port-Rep… (see the reviews of it for details)

Can you say what laptop docking station model you have?

But other than that pitfall (and making sure the drivers for that proprietary Lenovo dock are uninstalled), all should work well, and you’d just need one USB graphics adapter per extra monitor you’re adding (up to 6 on Windows).

Let us know, and also any follow-ups you might have.

Thanks again for asking ahead!

Thanks Bernie…the docking station is the X6 ultrabase. http://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-40Y8116-…. This appears different from the link you provided me. If so will it work?

Ah, great - that X6 ultrabase should not be a problem at all - it does not have the proprietary Lenovo USB graphics design we were concerned about.

So I’d just go ahead - the VGA dock can drive one monitor, and then you’d need a USB adapter for each additional, and that’s it.

Let us know if any problems crop up at all, but should be good.

Thank you!

Thank you for your response…so I with this configuration …I would have my laptop monitor, the VGA from the docking station would drive another monitor then the USB adapter would drive the third monitor…correct? If so that is great news

Yep, that’s it, and based on what we know I wouldn’t anticipate any problems.

If you go ahead and purchase, if you get a chance please post back here to let us know if all’s well. Thanks!


I have a Lenovo Series 3 433610W docking station. Will this station work?