1440p 75Hz HDMI over USB 3.0?


Sorry for reaching out with a direct question like this, but all I can see in my research is about 4K and 1080p.

I’m currently looking for an USB to HDMI adapter, and as I have a 1440p 75Hz monitor, I’d like it to be able to handle this refresh rate!

I’ve seen the resolution will be supported by many adapter, but what about the refresh rate? I know, USB 3.0 is quite restrictive for something like this, but my USB-C ports have no native display capabilities (shame), unless there’s some USB-C video adapter that works just like the USB 3.0 ones?

Anyway I’d like something that can handle 1440p, preferably at 75Hz (60Hz minimum) and of course 1080p, all over HDMI (USB 3.0 or non-display-capable USB-C).

Can someone point me to a reference I could get?

In my research, I’ve seen Plugable’s products everywhere, hence my question here.

Thanks in advance

The only USB single-graphics adapter we sell that will output 2560x1440@60Hz is the UGA-4KHDMI. We don’t currently sell any USB adapter capable of 75Hz. I’m not sure if this is a USB limitation or otherwise.

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