10-Port Hub, Power for Only 3 Devices?

Yesterday I had maybe 3 things plugged in to my Pluggable 10-Port USB Hub. I plugged in a 4th and didn’t hear the usual “ka-lunk” noise. I looked at the screen and saw a message telling me that the hub didn’t have enough power for any more devices. Shouldn’t a 10-port hub have enough power for 10 devices? Granted, I am running a 4-year-old laptop on Vista 32-bit, but should that really be a factor? I’d be grateful for any info. Thanks!

Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help.

The 10 port hub is internally has a 7 port hub controller with a 4 port hub controller connected through it. Sometimes that can cause some subtleties in behavior.

The ports which map to the 4 port controller are on the side of the 10 port hub with the 6 normal USB ports. And they’re the 4 on the right as you’re looking at that side.

Just as a quick thing to check – if you shift the devices away from those 4 ports to the others, does that resolve the issue?

We’re assuming you’re on Windows, but let us know if that’s not it – USB power behavior is partially controlled by the OS, so it can vary …

Thanks for your patience!

Ah - and one other thing. You’ll want to double-check that AC power to the hub is connected. An easy way to check that is to disconnect everything from the hub, and only plug in AC power. The Blue LED on the hub should light up. If it doesn’t, double-check why the hub isn’t getting AC power. Thanks again! Bernie