1 monitor does not wakeup after laptop is wake from sleep

1 monitor does not wakeup after laptop is wake from sleep
dell lattidude 6530 & dock station usb3
1 monitor hdmi lg
1 monitor acer x233 dvi
1 monitor acer x233 dvi to usb3 on plugable hub *** this one does not wakeup
it come back if unplug/plug to hub
also work fine on reboot

help !

Please disable selective suspend as shown in the image below, reboot and test once again.


Hi Patrick,

i did than change yesterday

i pluged the usb connector in a usb2 port of the hub
than its fine

i just check the setting u mention and they are both enable

i will gine a try !

Hi Pierre,

Just checking in to see if everything is OK.

Hi Patrick,

I tried the fix and the behavior was not good

i revert & use usb2 port and its fine



Hi Pierre,

Thank you for the additional information. Since it works on USB 2.0, the behavior is probably caused by the USB 3.0 controller drivers on your system.

If you’d like us to check the driver version and suggest updates, we will need to look at some system log files.

Can you please download and run our log-gathering tool from the page below:

Please run the tool after you have woken from sleep mode with the monitor connected but not awake. It will save a .ZIP file to your Desktop. Please email the .ZIP file to support@plugable.com, Subject: Ticket 137878

We’ll have a look at the logs and determine if there are driver updates that might help.