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Plugable Compact Folding Keyboard BT-KEY3 FAQ [BT-KEY3] (2)

BT-KEY3 FAQ Q: How do I pair this keyboard with my device? A: Make the keyboard discoverable by pressing FN + C , and pair using the Bluetooth software on your device. The left LED will flash blue while in discoverabl…

Plugable Full-Size Keyboard BT-KEY3XL FAQ [BT-KEY3XL] (2)

BT-KEY3XL FAQ Q: How do I pair this keyboard with my device? A: Make sure the keyboard is in Bluetooth mode by pressing Fn + 1, then put it in pairing mode by pressing Fn + C. Pair using the Bluetooth software on your …

Plugable USB-BT4LE Bluetooth Adapter Self-Help Links [USB-BT4LE] (2)

Here are some self-help links for use when encountering problems with the Plugable USB-BT4LE Bluetooth adapter FAQ (includes basic information about common issues) Pairing Your Bluetooth Audio Device Basic Troubleshoo…

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