UD-160-A unable to connect to the monitor

I have UD-160-A that has been working (Lenovo G560 and W520). I got a new company laptop T420 and try to use UD-160-A to share KVM w/ G560. However, UD-160-A is having trouble connecting to the monitor (keyboard and mouse are working fine) from T420. If I extend or duplicate the screen, nothing shows up on the monitor. If I show "on projector only", it will try few seconds and replied "Not able to connect to projector".

Monitor, cables and UD-160-A work fine for Lenovo G560. T420 has Win 7 Enterprise, G560 has Win 7 Home Premium. I checked the device manager and driver info on T420 (per DisplayLink support site), DisplayLink driver seems to be installed fine.

Is there anything I can do to further diagnose and fix the problem? Thanks!

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    Hi Heng,

    Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately pairing our USB graphics adapters with a traditional KVM isn't supported. The KVM's we've seen won't pass EDID info from the display to our adapter, which causes a lot of problems. But another option where there should be no compatibility issues, is with any standard USB switches like the one we offer:


    A number of users have paired one of our docking stations with our USB switch to enable a single button press to swap all the devices connected to a USB docking station like our UD-160A or from one system to another.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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